Redfish are a blistering UK based blues band.


A live phenomenon of growing reputation, this five-piece (sometimes eight-piece) outfit from the Borders are enjoying making great head way on the live music scene with their on stage delivery and also gaining much airplay and reviews with their latest all original album "Souls".  .


The band are not characterised by one star but by the intense musical chemistry they generate between them: their respect, not only for each other but for the music they play and the audiences they entertain, resonates with every note.


"You wouldn't wish a tortured soul on anyone, but when it generates music this good, it's hard not to think it might just be worth it".



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Band Biography


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Stumblin’ Harris

(vocals) first got into the blues as a child, through listening to his father's Josh White records.


He started singing in pubs and clubs when he was 17 and, over the years, has shared stages with the likes of Townes Van Zandt, Steve Young, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Andy Irvine and many other roots music luminaries.

Having worked in independent record shops through much of his life, Brian's love for music is expansive. "When I was growing up, music appreciation was a very tribal thing.


"You had your goths, your metal heads, your soul boys, your punks, whatever, but I never felt I fitted into one of those tribes, as I liked certain albums and artists from pretty much every genre" he says. "I'm especially attracted to the deep soul music - rhythm 'n' blues, folk, jazz, country and so on - and if my bandmates and I can make someone in the audience feel just a fraction of what I feel when I listen to a Nina Simone record then I can go home a happy man. It's all about searching for that sweet spot, that hair standing up on the back of your neck moment."


Martin McDonald

(guitar/ slide) has an extensive background in gutsy blues and roots, having played little else since he was 13.


His trademark vintage technique and sound have been honed and perfected over many years. Martin uses a huge Leslie speaker to project a unique vortex of pure tone. Once seen and heard, never forgotten. From Penrith, Martin has been influenced by Stevie Ray- and Jimmie- Vaughan, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Nick Curran, to name a few.

Martin featured in Blueskin for many years, followed by Groovejuice, and The Nailhead Hitters. He toured with New York’s Russell "Hitman" Alexander for a couple of years across the UK. 

More recently, Martin played as joint-lead guitarist with the highly-acclaimed The Deluxe. Mr McDonald still captures the best blues gigs with his laconic phrase “That had some good bits.” 


Fraser Clark

(keys), from Perth has played and sung with a variety of groups from an early age.


At the age of 12 Fraser took up piano lessons. He went on to study classical music at Glasgow University before completing a Masters degree in composition from the same institution.

From the age of 17 Fraser experimented with playing jazz and blues. He still does, and he recently released a highly-innovative jazz single, ‘Tricky’, with The Fraser Clark Collective.


The blues artists that most inform his playing are Otis Spann and Memphis Slim. However, his true hero is Dr. John, ‘I love how he has such a languid and easy style of playing, yet still being bang on the beat!’


Fraser’s keyboard expertise and stage eccentricity are key elements of the pure dynamic energy which define Redfish. Combined with Martin’s guitar, it can create quiet space, or a swirling, irresistible onslaught of power.  


Rod Mackay

(bass) took up the instrument aged 16, having played orchestral music from childhood, when he lived in Edinburgh.


Heavily influenced by the percussive and relentless grooves of Bernard Edwards and James Jamerson, Rod is drawn to the funky blues of Albert King, and is forever delighted by the arrangements of The Funk Brothers. “It’s all about that hypnotic, harmonic thump of a fat string moving air, driving the music. Mingus and Monk really got that. B.B. King’s band is like a tide. Freddie King’s is phenomenal.

Best bass note I ever felt was on a 1963 Jim Reeves Christmas album.


Flat or tape wound strings. Always.” Rod, together with Martin, was part of the muscular blues delivery of The Deluxe.


Sandy Sweetman

(drums) has played in numerous original and function acts since the age of 14 as a professional/ semi- professional musician.

Since 2013, he has drummed for the Bay City Rollers, Eric Faulkner, touring Germany and many other “bizarre” drop-in gigs across various countries since. “A truly great experience, and I am not in any way embarrassed to admit it!” laughs Sandy.


He joined Redfish, “pushing my playing to another level with this array of fine and dedicated musicians.”


Sandy cites some drumming legends as his primary influences: groove-meisters Steve Gadd and Jeff Porcaro, “and I respect the sheer simplicity and appropriateness of Gilson Lavis and Ralph Salmins.”